Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: An Unexpected Duchess by Valerie Bowman

Rating 5 Stars!

I love strong Heroines!  Lucy is definitely a person who holds back no punches! There was instant attraction between Derek Hunt, the Duke of Decisive and Lady Lucy Upton. They are both loyal to a fault! Who else would give up a friendship and the man she loves to make sure that friend had a chance at happiness. Throw in some war intrigue and it makes this story thrive. I can't wait for Cass and Julians' story!

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Is there any greater surprise than falling deeply, madly in love?

In This Battle of Wits

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Review: Hero of My Heart by Megan Frampton

Rating: 3 Stars

Addiction is a horrible disease.It takes a very skilled author to make a hero from an opium addicted Lord. Ms. Frampton gives it a great shot in this unusual Historical Romance.

The story starts off great with him peaking out of his numbness to see a drugged miss being sold on the auction block. Shocked into chivalry, he buys Mary to protect her from all of the nefarious people in the bar. When he sees that she is an innoncent, well-bred miss, he sees his chance to set her up in luxury as his wife, and then plans to delve deeper into his opium induced lifestyle. The reason for his tortured soul are told but don't' quite make the impact they should, at least on me. When Alasdair's wicked cousin, his heir, enters the scene with a "doctor" Alasdair gives up and sends Mary away. Mary, although confused as to why he is "ill" leaves, but has second thoughts and returns to save him. The ensuing adventure of crossing Scotland and marrying and then returning to London is most of the story and it is very interesting to read.

This is the first book I've read of Ms. Frampton's. I will definitely read more from this author in hopes that she lives up to the potential she shows in this book. Potential because I was left confused as to the reasons behind a few parts of this story.

I recieved an early copy of this book from Netgalley for and honest review.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: Evening Stars by Susan Mallery

Evening Stars
by Susan Mallery
Series: Blackberry Island #3
Publisher: Harlequin MIRA
Publication date: February 25th 2014
Genre: Women's Fiction
Rating: 4 Stars

In Evening Stars, Susan Mallery’s third installment of her Blackberry Island series, we find a dysfunctional set of family dynamics. Nina Wentworth is a pediatric nurse, seemingly content with her life.  With the arrival of her high school sweetheart Dylan, the boy who got away, she is forced to take a second look at her life. Her sister, Averil is happily married but can’t seem to commit to having a family of her own and leaves her husband to come back to the island to “find herself” and complete her novel. Her mother owns an antique shop but can’t seem to hire trustworthy store workers.

Nina was pushed into being Averil’s mother instead of sister at at young age, because their mother Bonnie would not grow up and left them to go on antique hunts for days at a time. She let go of her dream of becoming a doctor and moving away from the island with Dylan. Now she is losing her control of everything it seems.

Kyle Eastland, a former islander turned Navy pilot, returns to woo Nina at the same time Nina is rekindling her friendship with Dylan. I found it really neat how different the relationships she had with both men were. She could let go with Kyle, but Dylan was a more serious relationship. The moment Dylan found out she was with Kyle was a shock. I could feel his pain.

An unexpected find in the antique shop allows Nina’s dreams to come into reach. If only she’d release the fear she holds and takes a leap of faith.  Averi’s journey to finding herself and Bonnie’s attempt to be an adult, is just as enjoyable to read. I really enjoyed this emotional story. If you haven’t read the other two books in the Blackberry Island series, don’t worry, they are stand alone books and can be read in any order.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review: Scandalously Yours

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review: I  loved this book! I Loved the "Sleepless in Seattle" or even "Mary Poppins" type plot, where the son Scottie writes letter for advertisement to try to find him a mother that is not the "Steel Corset" that his father is courting. Olivia fits nicely into the picture. They have matching interests and I love how she tries to be a "different lady" of the times. I don't think it ever states the time period of the book but it does have several very notable events.Olivia and Johns romance was so sweet! I'll end up reading this one again!

Proper young ladies of the ton-especially ones who have very small dowries-are not encouraged to have an interest in intellectual pursuits. Indeed, the only thing they are encouraged to pursue is an eligible bachelor. So, the headstrong Sloane sisters must keep their passions a secret. Ah, but secret passions are wont to lead a lady into trouble . . .


The eldest of the three Sloane sisters, Olivia is unafraid to question the boundaries of Society-even if it does frequently land her in trouble. Disdaining the glittery world of balls and courtship, Olivia prefers to spend her time writing fiery political essays under a pseudonym for London's leading newspaper. But when her columns attract the attention of the oh-so-proper Earl of Wrexham, Olivia suddenly finds herself dancing on the razor's edge of scandal. With the help of her sisters, she tries to stay one step ahead of trouble . . .

However, after a series of madcap misadventures, Wrexham, a former military hero who is fighting for social reform in Parliament, discovers Olivia's secret. To her surprise, he proposes a temporary alliance to help win passage of his bill. Passion flares between them, but when a political enemy kidnaps the earl's young son, they must make some dangerous decisions . . . and trust that love will conquer all